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More on Organized Crime Boss Lois Lerner

Posted by taxguru on April 11, 2014

More details on the criminal activities of just one of BHO’s henchpersons that the MSM are covering up for.

The IRS Scandal Comes Into Focus – WSJ


The Lois Lerner files: A partisan bureaucrat at work – FoxNews


Contempt and the IRS – National Review



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The Lois Lerner Show

Posted by taxguru on March 5, 2014

Her 15 minutes of fame as the alleged IRS criminal mastermind continue. If nothing wrong was done by IRS, as BHO contends, why is she so scared to speak publicly about her deeds? 

 photo LernerWontTalkcrcbo140306_zps970adeb2.jpg


The IRS’s behavior taxes credulity – George Will  


IRS agrees to hand over Lerner emails – Of course, they will be heavily redacted so as to be worthless. 


ABC and CBS Ignore IRS Scandal Hearing; NBC Frets Over Darrell Issa Cutting Democrat’s Mic – Doing their job of covering up DemonRat crimes.


Lois Lerner stays silent to protect someone outside the IRS


Lois Lerner: The Face of Liberalism – Rush Limbaugh’s take on Ms Lerner. 


What is Lois hiding? 


Issa says committee could consider holding Lerner in contempt next week


The IRS Outrage. Behind the Obama administration’s sham inquiry. 


Dem Rep. Explodes During IRS Investigation Hearing; Issa Walks Out 


Boehner says Lerner may be held in contempt for refusing to testify on IRS targeting 


Issa, Cummings clash at hearing after ex-IRS official Lerner takes 5th.


Lois Lerner fears for her life if she testifies at Wednesday’s oversight hearing 


What will Lois Lerner do at Wednesday’s Oversight hearing? 


IRS hit from all political stripes on nonprofit rules 


Will former IRS official Lois Lerner testify at IRS scandal hearing? 


Four questions Lois Lerner must answer about IRS scandal 


The IRS Is the Problem


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Escalating IRS Abuses

Posted by taxguru on February 6, 2014

With the current Liar In Chief denying any corruption in his Regime, the chances of the IRS voluntarily agreeing to curb their abuses of power and obey the law have fallen to zero.  Once again, any relief from IRS harassment will depend on the willingness of the GOP to stand up to BHO.  In other words, it’s going to continue to be a bumpy ride for those of us voicing opposition to the unconstitutional policies of the BHO Regime.   

Although the MSM is continuing its job of covering up the BHO Regime’s crimes, there are some news outlets brave enough to cover the IRS story.


GOP leaders urge new IRS boss to scrap rule they claim would muzzle free speech – FoxNews 


Boustany Criticizes IRS over Inappropriate Proposed Rules for Political Nonprofit Groups – From CCH 


New evidence undercuts White House claims about IRS motivation. – From WSJ 


IRS planned secret new rules to justify targeting tea party groups two years ago, reveals bombshell email – From UK’s Daily Mail 


IRS rules change seen as limiting free speech for nonprofit organizations – Washington Times 


‘Not even a smidgen of corruption’: Obama downplays IRS, other scandals – BHO’s entry in the contest to unseat Bill Clinton as the most blatant liar to reside in the White House.  From FoxNews. 


Embattled IRS plans employee bonuses for 2013 work to ‘boost morale’ – and keep up the good work harassing the opposition. From Washington Times. 


Mitch McConnell: Obama, IRS Fight to Keep Conservative Nonprofits from Forming – From Breitbart 


Cruz Grills Holder on IRS Scandal Investigation – American Thinker 


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FBI Coverup of IRS Crimes

Posted by taxguru on January 14, 2014

While the MSM continues to ignore the IRS crimes, at least a few of the more honest news outlets are addressing them.  The Nixon coverups after WaterGate pale in comparison to those by the BHO Regime.

 photo DayByDayIRSAttacks011514_zps99cbbf81.jpg

Tearing away Obama’s veil of secrecy surrounding the IRS scandal

Investigate the investigators? GOP lawmakers urge probe of IRS scandal review

Sham’? DOJ under fire amid claims IRS probe unlikely to yield criminal charges

Deluge: Now 44 Times More TV Coverage of Christie’s Traffic Scandal Than in Last Six Months on IRS – The reason is obvious. Only things the GOP does are considered scandals worth covering by the MSM.

IRS Documents Reveal Agency Flagged Groups for ‘Anti-Obama Rhetoric,’ Big Three Refuse to Report

Issa: Obama admin’s IRS investigation appears to be a sham – This wins the prize for biggest understatement of the week.

No federal criminal charges expected in IRS targeting of tea-party groups

The FBI’s IRS Outrage

Officials say no evidence criminal charges warranted so far in IRS targeting probe

The ‘crime’ of the IRS –  Lois Lerner gets off scot-free.

Criminal charges not expected in IRS probe

Wouldn’t you know, FBI says it can’t find anything illegal in all that IRS intimidation

 photo FBIcoverup_zps501ebc03.jpg

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What IRS Scandal?

Posted by taxguru on January 12, 2014

Officials say no evidence criminal charges warranted so far in IRS targeting probe – This is as valid an analysis of the issue as when BHO graded himself as one of the best presidents in history; insane and as biased as hell.


Lawyer says FBI has contacted few Tea Party groups, 8 months into IRS scandal –  No surprise here.  According to the BHO Regime, using the IRS and every other governmental agency to attack their enemies is just business as usual.


Why Bridgegate made headlines but Obama’s IRS scandal didn’t – According to the media’s “journalistic standards,” only the GOP can be involved in a scandal. Anything the Dims do, is by their definition, not a scandal, but smart politics. 


 photo 2014-01-12-RZDZC_zpsf52750b1.jpg


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It’s tough fighting Organized Crime in DC

Posted by taxguru on December 4, 2013

FBI impeding inquiry into IRS targeting of conservative groups – No surprise here. The FBI is part of the Justice Dept, headed by master criminal Eric Holder.



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IRS Coverup Continues…

Posted by taxguru on July 3, 2013

From Drudge:

FBI Still Hasn’t Contacted IRS-Targeted Tea Party Groups About Investigation –  And they never will as long as arch-criminal Eric Holder is in power at Justice.

Lois Lerner’s price for testimony: Immunity –  As expected, none of the IRS criminals will be punished for their crimes.


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Fraudulent refunds paid by IRS

Posted by taxguru on June 29, 2013 has this story about how scammers have been able to easily steal millions of dollars in bogus refunds form IRS. 

Snoes doesn’t connect the dots that IRS was too busy harassing opponents of the BHO Regime to monitor these kinds of frauds, but I will.


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More on crimes by IRS employees…

Posted by taxguru on June 17, 2013


So much for the bogus story that it was all done by employees in Cincinnati

IRS official in D.C. reviewed tea party applications 

The Cincinnati lie 

IRS supervisor in DC scrutinized Tea Party groups’ cases 


Why the IRS IG Stopped with an Audit –  Too scared of the BHO Regime.


More effects of having a pResident who puts his own religious beliefs ahead of the security of the USA.

The IRS vs. Pro-Israel Groups 

IRS: We Investigate Pro-Israel Groups for Terrorism Ties


Obamacare will share personal health info with federal, state agencies –  Say goodbye to all privacy rights, as Big Brother takes over every aspect of our lives.


IRS scandals threaten funding for President Obama’s health care law –  Not likely with the spineless GOP in Congress.



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Posted by taxguru on August 9, 2012

IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants –  And we are supposed to trust IRS to properly monitor our healthcare under the new ObamaCare rules. 


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