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Funny video on wasting taxpayer money

Posted by taxguru on April 15, 2014

I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with the original song by Pharrell Williams that this video is based on, but this new version is funny and well made enough to stand on its own as an effective rebuttal to those who say it’s patriotic to give the IRS most of our money and allow our Rulers in DC to spend it more wisely than we mere mortals ever could.



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Posted by taxguru on April 10, 2014

From Fred Thompson:

Obama warned Russia to leave Ukraine alone or he would act to take a “toll on the Russian economy”. Watch out guys. Ruining an economy is something he knows something about.


A new UN report claims that climate change will wipe trillions of dollars from the global economy. No wonder Democrats want to stop it – it’s stealing their thunder.



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Game of Thrones – IRS Edition

Posted by taxguru on April 9, 2014

Funny parody of Game of Thrones, with the American IRS tossed in for good effect.



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We just have to laugh at the idiots in DC…

Posted by taxguru on March 22, 2014

Here are some tax and financial related zingers from the March episodes of NewsBusted.


Be sure to check out the full length episodes on their YouTube channel.


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Posted by taxguru on March 10, 2014

From Fred Thompson:

The IRS issued a warning that people who don’t buy Obamacare this year will face a “shared responsibility payment” next year. All of which the government will spend on the ink to write “shared responsibility payment” instead of “tax”.  


 In New Jersey, more than 1,000 people showed up at an Atlantic City casino, hoping to get one of 50 jobs it was offering. Unfortunately, “getting a job” is the game with the worst odds in the place.


Russia said that if the US tried to impose sanctions, they would take actions that would “crash” America’s financial system. OK – line forms behind Obama.


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Busting the libs in the news

Posted by taxguru on February 20, 2014

While NewsBusted takes a break this week, check out these selected jokes from the past few week’s episodes.  Be sure to check out the full length episodes on their YouTube channel.



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Posted by taxguru on February 6, 2014

From Fred Thompson:

A new poll shows that only 13% of Americans think the government should do something about income inequality. Now, now… the government’s already doing its best to make everyone equal… equally poor.


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Posted by taxguru on January 30, 2014

From Argus Hamilton:

 NSA agents do not use the data it collects against the president’s political opponents, that’s the IRS’s job and they’re in a different union.


The Postal Service announced a two-cent increase for the price of a postage stamp that will go into effect Sunday. They’ve certainly earned it. The Postal Service reported it lost five billion dollars last year, making it by far the most profitable branch of the U.S. government.


Colorado’s licensed pot shops were reported running out of marijuana due to the huge demand. State lawmakers responded by suggesting a thirty-five percent sales tax on every ounce sold. Leave it to a state legislature to make the Mexican drug cartel look not so greedy.


President Obama asked Congress to help spread the Wall Street prosperity to working Americans. His and Congress’s job approval are way down. Wall Street’s biggest concern is that the value of politicians will drop so low that ordinary citizens can afford to buy them too.


The Riviera Country club is the site of this week’s Northern Trust Open in the exclusive Los Angeles suburb of Brentwood. How nice is this town? Last year, somebody embezzled fifty thousand dollars from the Bank of Brentwood and the cops are still looking for a motive.


The State of the Union speech focused attention on the economic divide in America on Tuesday. Wall Streeters played a drinking game during the telecast . Every time Democrats said the words income inequality, they drank a glass of Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac.


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Posted by taxguru on January 29, 2014

From Fred Thompson:

New research by Daniel Borota of the Johns Hopkins University suggests that caffeine may help to boost long-term memory. Can we get a round of double-espressos for the witnesses at the IRS/Tea Party hearings? 


 A new book by feline-researcher Dr. John Bradshaw says that cats think of humans “as though they were the mama cat”. Ah… sorta the same way liberals see government. 


Google is accused of using sensitive personal information in violation of privacy law in Canada. That would never fly in America. That’s the IRS’s job.


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Posted by taxguru on October 19, 2013

From The Late Show:


Top Ten Things Americans Said When The Government Reopened

Thursday, October 17, 2013

10. “It was closed?”

9. “Is it under new management?”

8. “Nice going, guys! Treat yourselves to a vacation”

7. “No idea what was accomplished but I assume I have to pay higher taxes”

6. “How will this affect funny race-car drivers?”

5. “John McCain can get back to playing poker on his iPhone”

4. “Does this mean Ted Cruz will stop talking?”

3. “They don’t pull this kind of crap in Belarus”

2. “Only four months till the next shutdown”

1. “Great — I just paid for Chinese lessons”



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