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Another IRS security breach…

Posted by taxguru on May 26, 2015

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality is harder than ever to do, especially with so many people and companies demanding that we provide them with our SSNs.

IRS has just admitted to over 100,000 taxpayer accounts being illegally accessed by criminals.  How many were really hacked, nobody will ever know.

IRS Statement on the “Get Transcript” Application


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So much for IRS confidentiality…

Posted by taxguru on May 24, 2015

I’m sure all fellow tax pros can attest to the fact that every day in this business brings up new items and situations.  With all of the recent problems IRS has been having with its credibility, here’s a new one I haven’t seen before.  An IRS Collections Agent accidentally broadcast a phone call with a taxpayer on the Howard Stern radio show.

Taxpayer’s Call To IRS Accidentally Broadcast On Howard Stern’s Radio Show – from Forbes

Howard Stern Airs Taxpayer Phone Call to IRS – from Accounting Today


The recording, with Howard Stern and Robin Quivers making fun of it.

I guess, with all of the recent news stories about government employees spending most of their time at work surfing porn sites, the fact that an IRS agent had time to call in to the Stern show from his workplace isn’t that shocking.

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Running out the clock…

Posted by taxguru on May 10, 2015

Stalling and refusing to cooperate with investigations is standard practice for the DemonRats.

Two years later, IRS probes drag on


GOP has waited two years for info on IRS correspondence with Dem senators

With the public’s short attention span for these kinds of scandals, as well as the GOP’s unwillingness to push back against any DemonRat criminal activities, the stonewalling strategy is bound to succeed once again.


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Miraculous resurrected emails…

Posted by taxguru on April 29, 2015

In spite of the sworn testimony (perjury) by top IRS officials that Lois Lerner’s emails were destroyed  forever, some of them are now popping up.  Of course, the reason for the delay is obvious. The ones that actually mention how they were committing their crimes have been completely destroyed and the thousands of innocuous ones that don’t address their criminal actions are being dumped on the congressional investigators to slow them down.

FoxNews: IRS watchdog recovers thousands of missing Lois Lerner emails


The Hill:  Thousands of new Lerner emails found

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IRS Campaign For More Operating Funds

Posted by taxguru on April 22, 2015

Just as King Barack Hussein O did with the budget created government shut-downs, IRS has been intentionally cutting back on the services that will piss off and inconvenience the public the most in order to gin up support for more money.


 IRS Deliberately Cut Its Own Customer Service Budget


IRS Hung Up Phones On More Than 8 Million Taxpayers


“Resource Lacking” IRS Deliberately Ignored Your Phone Calls to Pay For Union Time And Bonuses



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IRS is the Anus of the Nation?

Posted by taxguru on April 20, 2015

Amusing and fairly accurate video on the IRS problems by John Oliver, including a song at the end sung by by Michael Bolton, where they liken IRS to a certain part of the human body that is stinky, but necessary.



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Can they be any more obvious…

Posted by taxguru on April 16, 2015

…with their intentional work slowdown as a ruse to con Congress into giving them a larger budget?

IRS admits agency-wide failures, asks lawmakers for money to make it better

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Posted by taxguru on April 15, 2015

Tax Day Reminder: IRS targeting scandal is alive and well – We shouldn’t forget the facts that nobody has been punished for their crimes, and it appears that the bHo Regime’s use of the IRS to attack and harass his critics is continuing.

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The least surprising story of the year…

Posted by taxguru on April 1, 2015

IRS’s Lois Lerner won’t be charged with contempt

In fact, odds are that she will be awarded something akin to the Medal of Honor by King Barack Hussein for her tireless work to defeat and harass his critics.

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Posted by taxguru on April 1, 2015

Click on image for full-size version.


Drudge had links to some interesting tax related stories this morning:

No Joke: April 1st Brings Double Digit Sales Tax To Several East Bay Towns – It used to be a common belief that states with no income taxes made up the revenue by having much higher sales and property tax rates.  That is no longer the case. California has super high income tax rates, as well as high sales tax rates.  It was actually a big surprise to me when we moved down here to Florida, because I was expecting much higher sales and property taxes than we had in Arkansas.  It turned out that both are actually much lower down here.

IRS union calls for $1.9 billion more in funding – The PR campaign for more IRS money is in full swing.

IRS ignoring 60 percent of taxpayers’ calls as deadline looms – Self admitted by the less than truthful (he lied to Congress about Lois Lerner’s emails) IRS Commissioner as he pushes for more money for IRS employees.

IRS chief to GOP: You can’t abolish us – The number one goal of government employees is self perpetuation; so it’s natural to expect IRS employees to fight like crazy against any proposed changes in the system that could possibly reduce the scope of their power. The cruel irony is that they use our own tax dollars to fight any attempts to reduce their ability to confiscate more of our money.

Tax Freedom Day® 2015 is April 24th – The Tax Foundation’s annual calculation of when in the year we move from being slaves of the government to free persons who can keep the fruits of our labors.

TaxCoach Software: Finally! Plain-English Tax Planning That Builds Your Business!

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