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IRS Employees campaign for BHO

Posted by taxguru on April 15, 2014

In case anyone is foolish enough to believe that IRS employees are impartial and unbiased. They know that bigger government and more taxes mean more money for more IRS employees.

IRS under fire: Vote for Obama stickers, campaign cheerleading commonplace

Allegations Of Impropriety Inside Dallas IRS Office


Jodi Miller even mentions this in today’s episode of NewsBusted:




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Posted by taxguru on April 14, 2014

Chances of getting audited by IRS lowest in years –  The overall percentage of audits was dropped quite easily by only targeting the vocal critics of the DemonRats.  Publicizing this fact helps silence others who may dare refuse to drink the Left’s Kool-Aid.


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Frivolous Tax Arguments

Posted by taxguru on April 11, 2014

It used to be official IRS policy to ignore people who made ridiculous claims about taxes being voluntary.  However, they finally realized that their silence on the subject just fed into the hands of the promoters of such tax scams who used that as a sign that what they were saying must have been true. 

As announced in this press release, IRS has just updated their guide to many of these tax scams, The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments, which can be seen on their website and downloaded as a 62 page pdf.

I had an interesting email conversation with a tax protestor a few months who was spouting some of these idiotic reasons why nobody has to file a tax return.  After I finish the rest of our April 15 extensions, I will post it here on my blog.



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More on Organized Crime Boss Lois Lerner

Posted by taxguru on April 11, 2014

More details on the criminal activities of just one of BHO’s henchpersons that the MSM are covering up for.

The IRS Scandal Comes Into Focus – WSJ


The Lois Lerner files: A partisan bureaucrat at work – FoxNews


Contempt and the IRS – National Review



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The Lois Lerner Show drags on…

Posted by taxguru on April 10, 2014

IRS Gave House Oversight Democrats Info on Targeted Conservative Group – Why the DemonRats are helping IRS crooks cover up their crimes and avoid any punishment. 


House Republicans won’t rule out arresting Lois Lerner if Justice Department doesn’t – That will be the day, when the GOP actually stands up to the BHO Regime criminals.


House panel votes to hold ex-IRS official Lerner in contempt of Congress


New evidence that Lois Lerner targeted conservative groups 


Contempt vote set for Lerner, new House report lays out allegations



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Game of Thrones – IRS Edition

Posted by taxguru on April 9, 2014

Funny parody of Game of Thrones, with the American IRS tossed in for good effect.



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IRS Targeting 2013 Returns Before Filed

Posted by taxguru on March 11, 2014

Almost everyone is aware of the normal time-frame for an IRS audit.  A year or so after the tax return is filed, a letter is received from IRS announcing an examination and spelling out certain items that they want to see documentation for.  How about receiving a letter from IRS now, before your 2013 tax return is even submitted, announcing that it is going to be audited?  That was the story of a lady from Bristol, Indiana, who called in to the Rush Limbaugh Show yesterday.  She believes that this threatening letter was due to her donations to the Romney 2012 campaign and IRS is trying to scare people from donating to GOP candidates for 2014.  With what we know about the BHO Regime’s use of IRS to harass political opponents, who can deny this to be entirely plausible.

Because Rush was out and Mark Steyn was filling in, there was no text transcript of the show as is the case for all of the shows Rush hosts; so I excerpted the audio segments dealing with this topic and hopefully, it will show up in a player here in this post.

I have had cases where clients had come in who had not filed several years of tax returns and IRS or FTB was on their butts to bring everything up to date.  In those cases, either implicitly or explicitly, I knew that some or all of those returns could be audited.  However, I had never heard of an announced audit of a current year tax return that hadn’t even been filed yet.

I hope Patricia and her husband file for an extension for their 2013 returns and they raise holy hell to their US Senator and CongressCritter to investigate this clear abuse of power and that anyone else in a similar situation does the same.  While it’s hard to tell, Congress does still technically have funding power over the IRS.  As Mark Steyn says, we need to push back against blatant abuses such as this.  If we just meekly bend over and allow IRS to have its way with us, this can only get worse.  If enough people stand up and tell BHO and his IRS goons that they will continue to donate to the candidates of their choice, we may be able to slow them down with their Gestapo tactics.

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The Lois Lerner Show

Posted by taxguru on March 5, 2014

Her 15 minutes of fame as the alleged IRS criminal mastermind continue. If nothing wrong was done by IRS, as BHO contends, why is she so scared to speak publicly about her deeds? 

 photo LernerWontTalkcrcbo140306_zps970adeb2.jpg


The IRS’s behavior taxes credulity – George Will  


IRS agrees to hand over Lerner emails – Of course, they will be heavily redacted so as to be worthless. 


ABC and CBS Ignore IRS Scandal Hearing; NBC Frets Over Darrell Issa Cutting Democrat’s Mic – Doing their job of covering up DemonRat crimes.


Lois Lerner stays silent to protect someone outside the IRS


Lois Lerner: The Face of Liberalism – Rush Limbaugh’s take on Ms Lerner. 


What is Lois hiding? 


Issa says committee could consider holding Lerner in contempt next week


The IRS Outrage. Behind the Obama administration’s sham inquiry. 


Dem Rep. Explodes During IRS Investigation Hearing; Issa Walks Out 


Boehner says Lerner may be held in contempt for refusing to testify on IRS targeting 


Issa, Cummings clash at hearing after ex-IRS official Lerner takes 5th.


Lois Lerner fears for her life if she testifies at Wednesday’s oversight hearing 


What will Lois Lerner do at Wednesday’s Oversight hearing? 


IRS hit from all political stripes on nonprofit rules 


Will former IRS official Lois Lerner testify at IRS scandal hearing? 


Four questions Lois Lerner must answer about IRS scandal 


The IRS Is the Problem


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Some people still care about the IRS crimes

Posted by taxguru on March 3, 2014

While the MSM continue their job of covering up the misdeeds of their Fellow Travelers in the JackAss Party, I’m glad to see there are still some people trying to shed some light on the crimes undertaken by IRS personnel on behalf of the out of control BHO Regime.  It probably won’t change anything; but eventually more of the public should reach their tipping point when it comes to abuses of power by the current pResident in the White House.

7 questions for Darrell Issa to ask Lois Lerner at Wednesday’s hearing 


Republicans recall Lois Lerner to testify on IRS targeting 


Ex-IRS official Lerner’s attorney says no Hill testimony without immunity or court order 


Issa, House GOP investigative committee say Lerner will testify in IRS scandal hearing 


Trey Gowdy: IRS’s Lois Lerner Will “Never” Get Immunity –  However, she’s all but guaranteed a presidential pardon if she were to be prosecuted for her crimes. 


Even the Left Hates the IRS’s New Proposed Rules, But Nets Won’t Report 


Obama’s proposed IRS rules to limit tax-exempt status concern liberals, too 


Bozell on IRS Targeting Conservatives: ‘Where’s The Rest Of The Press, Where’s Anyone Covering This?’ 


IRS draws a ‘very deep and troubling line in the sand’ 


8 Election Experts Slam IRS for Interfering with Campaign Finance 


Connecting the Dots in the IRS Scandal 


Democratic senators push to cap political activities of tax-exempt groups 


The targeting of groups opposed to the Democratic agenda has not ended—it’s gotten worse. 


More IRS trouble as agency complains about resources 


Christine O’Donnell: I was a victim of the IRS – The Dims actually like this kind of publicity. It is intended to scare off anyone thinking about running for office to clean up their corruption.  DemonRats fight dirty and cheat every chance they get in elections; so there is no private and confidential info that they won’t use to their advantage.


Echoes of the IRS in the FCC Snooping Scandal – A reminder that IRS is just one of hundreds of different governmental agencies used by the Regime to attack its perceived enemies.


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Presumed Guilty

Posted by taxguru on March 2, 2014

Just a reminder that, just as with anything IRS handles, we peons start off as being guilty of violating their rules and we have to spend the time and money to prove our innocence.


 photo ProveNotGuilty140301_zpsdfa5b2e1.jpg


IRS Warns: Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid with Tax Return –  Or as they euphemistically call it, a “Shared Responsibility Payment.” 


The IRS is Trying to Make its Letters Less Confusing…Really –  As confusing as their notices are, IRS is always assumed to be right and we have the uphill battle of proving that isn’t the case.


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