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Posted by taxguru on November 7, 2012

The day after the mind-boggling and shocking news that the USA committed suicide, it’s hard to feel good about anything; but this video of Mitt singing his concession speech is pretty funny. 

It would have been so much more satisfying if it were 0Bambi singing his concession speech.


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Posted by taxguru on September 26, 2012

Fact Check: Is Romney’s tax rate really lower than yours? – As was expected, the Dims have been lying about Romney’s tax returns.


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Romney & Ryan Tax Returns

Posted by taxguru on September 21, 2012

The GOP candidates have posted copies of their income tax returns on their campaign website.

Here are the direct pdf download links:

2011 Mitt & Ann Romney (379 pages)

2011 Mitt Romney Blind Trust  (53 pages)

2011 Ann Romney Blind Trust  (218 pages)

2011 Romney Family Trust  (163 pages)

2011 Paul & Janna Ryan  (32 pages)

2010 Mitt & Ann Romney  (203 pages)

2010 Mitt Romney Blind Trust  (37 pages)

2010 Ann Romney Blind Trust  (83 pages)

2010 Romney Family Trust  (81 pages)

2010 Tyler Charitable Foundation  (39 pages)

2010 Paul & Janna Ryan  (59 pages)


From Jay Leno via NewsMax:

Mitt Romney’s campaign released his 2011 tax return. Democrats still want him to release all his tax returns for the last 10 years. Romney says he can’t do it, and he’s got a good excuse. He says his dog ate them and then Obama ate the dog.

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Leeches Vote for DemonRats

Posted by taxguru on September 18, 2012

From Blog Pix


It’s worse than Romney said: 49% on federal aid, 49% pay no tax –  It is not by accident, but by pure DemonRat design that we producers will soon be completely outnumbered, with the Takers becoming an ever larger percentage of the population.  Class Warfare (aka Mob Rule) is so much easier when the Takers outnumber the Producers.


The video:



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2013 Investment Surtax

Posted by taxguru on September 12, 2012

Bob Jennings explains the new 3.8% investment tax that starts to apply to the Evil Rich in 2013 if ObamaCare isn’t repealed. 


Unfortunately, with Romney wimping out on his opposition to ObamaCare, the odds of getting rid of this new insane anti-investment tax are getting slimmer by the day.





From BlogComix3



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Posted by taxguru on July 23, 2012

Funny parody from The Onion:

Romney Requiring Potential Running Mates To Write 5,000 Word Essay On Favorite Things About Money


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Posted by taxguru on July 19, 2012

Trashing Achievements – Thomas Sowell rips apart 0Bambi’s anti-achievement BS.



Another great Romney ad, taking on the anti-entrepreneurial rhetoric of pResident Obamao


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More fun with the RINO frontrunner’s tax returns…

Posted by taxguru on February 6, 2012















From Blog Comix



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Picking apart Mitt’s tax returns

Posted by taxguru on February 1, 2012

From the WSJ:

Article by Laura Saunders: What You Can Learn From Mitt’s Tax Return

Video with Laura Saunders


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Romney Taxes – Comix

Posted by taxguru on January 24, 2012

This comes with the territory when you run for high office.







From Conan via NewsMax:

Mitt Romney released his tax records and they showed that he earned $42 million over the last two years. So now the other candidates aren’t running for president. They’re running to be Mitt Romney.





























From Blog Comix



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