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$500 Trillion Tax Cut?

Posted by taxguru on October 26, 2012

Another brilliant quote from our retarded VP, who has no ability to comprehend big numbers (courtesy of Rush Limbaugh).


What I haven’t seen or heard anyone mention is how close this numbskull is to becoming president.

It’s looking more and more to me as if 0Bambi’s second term would have to actually be served by that moron Joe “Bite-Me” Biden because of the Libya scandal.  It’s much worse than anything to do with Watergate was in the 1970s and will end up either forcing his resignation or impeachment.  It’s also a lot worse than Bill Clinton’s rapes and perjury because people were actually murdered while the Obama regime refused to do anything to help.  Hopefully, enough of the story can get out to the public before November 6 so it can deter any more votes for Obama and save us all the hassles of the impeachment.


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Posted by taxguru on July 17, 2012

Poll: Majority want tax cuts for all, even the wealthy –  A ray of hope amid all of the “hate the rich” propaganda from 0Bambi and his sycophants in the media. 


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Posted by taxguru on July 12, 2012

Budget Insanity - John Stossel’s brief recap of the mess our rulers have made of this country’s financial affairs in DC.


It is a fact proven by real life that lower tax rates do not reduce tax revenues; but actually increase them.  However, the Left will not stop perpetuating the lie that lower tax rates are the same thing as the government taking food out of the mouths of babies and giving money to the evil rich and that they cause the budget deficit.  Once again, Thomas Sowell debunks this myth.

The Invincible Lie – Part 1

The Invincible Lie – Part 2  

Of course, DemonRats and their fellow traveler useful idiots in the mainstream media never allow such things as real world facts to get in the way of their class warfare propaganda; so they will continue to spout their lies about lower tax rates being a handout to the evil rich.


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25 Years Ago…

Posted by taxguru on October 25, 2011

I was taking a tax update webinar this morning and the instructor, Annette Nellen, had this picture of the signing ceremony from the monumental 1986 Tax reform Act, which made several major changes to the tax code.

From Blog Pix


Here are some interesting recent articles about that law:

By Annette Nellen:
25th Anniversary of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Is the 25th anniversary a time to celebrate it or wonder what happened to it? 

By Martin Feldstein:
The Tax Reform Evidence From 1986 Experience implies that the combination of base broadening and rate reduction would raise revenue equal to about 4% of existing tax revenue.



I couldn’t resist the temptation to show what was really going through their minds at that signing ceremony.  Click on the image for a larger version.

From Blog Pix

TaxCoach Software: Finally! Plain-English Tax Planning That Builds Your Business!


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Tax cuts are a cure-all for everything?

Posted by taxguru on August 30, 2011

The Onion has this parody of that concept.

Tea Party Congressman Calls For Tax Breaks To Put Out Raging Wildfire In District


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Whose tax cuts are they?

Posted by taxguru on September 21, 2010

It’s been amusing to watch the posturing in DC over the soon to expire tax cuts.  When they are being portrayed as a bad thing, they are referred to as the Bush Tax Cuts and Tax Cuts for the Evil Rich.  When they are properly referred to as something good for the economy, they are being portrayed as the Obamao DemonRat Tax Cuts, as shown in this clip from the latest episode of NewsBusted

For those twisted folks who work and reside in the fairy tale land of DC, this supposedly makes sense. To those of us in the real world, it’s one more example of why we need to get rid of the career politicians and ignore the mainstream state controlled media.

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Posted by taxguru on September 17, 2010

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The least welcome idea in DC…

Posted by taxguru on December 10, 2009

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A Change in attitude we can Hope for…

Posted by taxguru on January 22, 2009

(Click on image for full size)

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Posted by taxguru on January 14, 2009

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