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Posted by taxguru on August 22, 2002

Circling The Drain

Our Founding Fathers thought like CPAs when they set up the Federal government with three official plus one unofficial (the press) branches, and established checks and balances and division of duties so that there would be less likelihood of collusion among them against the best interests of the people. If they had a crystal ball back in 1789, and could see how such collusion has occurred, I imagine they may have divided things up even further, with a dozen or more branches.

The ultimate check on ensuring compliance with the Constitution was supposed to be the Supreme Court. With justices appointed for life terms, they were supposed to be immune from the forces of public opinion and stick to a rigid defense of the Constitution. However, as described by Howard Bashman, that last bastion of defense has fallen. Our current Supreme Court is using popularity polls on which to base its decisions. I would call for impeaching the justices who think it’s more important to please the ignorant people than support the Constitution; but that would obviously garner little support; especially since so few people in this country have even a clue as to what the Constitution says. Very sad for the USA.


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