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Posted by taxguru on January 19, 2003

Glossary Of Terms

As with all professions, we in the tax and accounting arena have our own jargon. I have also adopted several other abbreviations and acronyms in order to save time and space when writing and speaking. As a public service, I’ve set up a glossary of the most often used terms. I’ve also added a link to it in the blogroll to the left on this page. If there are other terms that should be included here, please let me know.

As more new acronyms are coined every day, I hope to see glossaries such as this on other web sites. Places like have developed their own shorthand way of communicating and it slows the discussions down when newcomers are always asking for definitions of such terms as PIAPS (pig in a pant suit) after stories are posted about our next president, Queen Hillary Rodham.


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