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Posted by taxguru on January 31, 2003

Speedy Net

I set my dad up with cable Internet service yesterday and am still in awe as to how fast it was. It was the easiest network setup and the fastest web surfing I have ever seen. Why anyone who has access to cable service would tolerate dial-up speeds is beyond me. I may sound like a shill for Cox, but what is even more amazing is the price. The cable modem only cost $75 and the service is $40 a month. I paid about $900 to have a satellite dish installed outside of my office a little over a year ago and I have been paying Earthlink $70 per month for service that is half the speed of my dad’s. It is one of the few downsides to living in the boonies that we will never have cable or DSL service where we are. If we ever move, there will definitely have to be cable Internet service wherever we relocate to.

With the speed of cable or satellite, there is no more efficient browser for surfing the web than NetCaptor, which I have been hooked on for the past six months. It allows me to be on 75 to 100 websites simultaneously. Keeping up on the wide variety of news on the web is so much easier this way. When I shut down NetCaptor, it remembers the sites I had open and opens all of them the next time I start it up, making it easy to pick up right where I left off. It also has a built in popup blocker that is very efficient at preventing those pesky annoyances from reaching my screen.


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