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Posted by taxguru on August 5, 2003

IRS Seeks Proof Poor Taxpayers Earned Income Credit – This is a very easy refundable credit to scam from the IRS, so it’s actually good to see that they are at least checking a few of the returns for legitimacy.

At what price? – Bush is simply spending too much taxpayers money trying to buy votes from DemonRats. He is repeating his father’s mistakes in abandoning conservative principles and may lose a lot of support from his normal constituency next November. With Queen Hillary on the ballot for the Donkeys, we could have another election like 1992. She already has her “Clinton 44” hat, to go along with Bill’s “Clinton 42.” Bush’s only hope for retaining support from the right in 2004 is the fear of being defenseless militarily under the control of the anti-American, commie loving DemonRats.

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