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Posted by taxguru on August 12, 2003

Respect for April 15 Deadline Is Eroding – It sounds like more people are catching on to the benefits of filing tax returns later. I do only a few returns by April 15, and most of them around October 15. I hope the fact that a lot of other people are copying this doesn’t mess things up with IRS. Sometimes there is a tendency for tax breaks to be spoiled when too many people try to take advantage of them and they rise to a higher profile on the IRS’s radar.

ABA Loosens Attorney-Client Secrecy Rules – Am I reading this correctly? If an attorney suspects a client is involved in a financial crime, s/he should inform the authorities. If the client is involved with something like a murder, rape or terrorist bombing, does the attorney have to keep quiet because it wasn’t financial?

Dean Gave VT High Taxes, Yet Media Tag Him “Fiscal Conservative” – Just another example of why the leftist agenda driven media can’t be trusted; especially in the coming months as they ramp up their push to anoint Queen Hillary as the smartest human to ever grace the planet in her drive for a third term in la Casa Blanca.

No cameras, please! Big Lotto winner’s shy – He’s starting off on the right foot in his new life as a target for all the leaches in the world.

Alabama GOP Governor, Christian Coalition Support Billion-Dollar Tax Increase

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