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Posted by taxguru on August 14, 2003

California tax-weary residents say ‘no mas’ – Just a few reasons why it earned the name of the People’s Republic of California.

Kerry hints at reform for Social Security – Coincidentally, this is exactly what I have been predicting for decades as the fate of Social Security. Means testing will be instigated to determine who is worthy enough to receive any benefits. Anyone determined by our rulers to be evil rich will not be paid anything, regardless of how much had been paid in during their working lives. For anyone who thinks this will just be used to freeze out people in the income levels of Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey, just look at where our rulers have established the similar threshold for taxation of SS benefit. Any single person with adjusted gross income over $25,000 is considered evil rich. For married couples, that level is $32,000 AGI. I have long said that such a plan is the only way to keep the SS system alive for much longer.

That’s why it always amazes me to either see people intentionally flushing money down the SS rat-hole or not taking the very easy steps to reduce or eliminate those taxes paid in. Holding on to $10,000 to $15,000 per working year can allow a person to accumulate a very sizable net worth, which will be a thousand times more useful for their retirement years than the promise of benefits from the SS Ponzi scheme if you can prove yourself to be a worthy pauper. What’s even more disgusting is the majority of professional tax practitioners who just merrily let their clients continue to piss away all of that money and don’t help them arrange things to keep it for their own use.

Woman Beats IRS in Court Over Income Tax Protest – More on the FedEx pilot who avoided prison for not filing tax returns, but who will still have to pay the taxes, interest and penalties. As Judge Andrew Napolitano says, she was lucky to have such idiots on the jury to let her skate. There’s no guarantee that other tax protestors will be able to count on the same lucky draw. However, considering that some people consider juries to be principally comprised of people too stupid to get out of jury duty, the odds may not be that bad.

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