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Posted by taxguru on August 21, 2003

As entertaining as the whole political freak show is out on the Left Coast, I’m just glad that we can laugh at it from the relative safety and security of two thousand miles away. Everything that is going on makes our choice to bail out of the PRC ten years ago look so much wiser. In fact, regardless of how the election turns out on October 7, I don’t see much hope for saving the State from its unstoppable slide into the abyss. Taxpayers who choose to remain are going to see more of their money under attack.

The Power of the Pledge. Merely saying “no” to tax hikes isn’t enough. – I too was very underwhelmed with Arnold’s performance in yesterday’s press conference where he wimped out on the issue of new taxes. Claiming that he can’t rule out new taxes because some kind of natural disaster might occur was a major cop-out. He’s talking like the “girly-men” he used to make fun of. Everyone knows that if a huge disaster happens, the Feds will pick up the reconstruction costs.

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Higher Taxes Would Harm Alabama – Between this tax issue and the fight over the ten commandments statue, Alabama is running a close second behind the PRC for weirdness this Summer.

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