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Money Is More Important Than Fairness

Posted by taxguru on January 4, 2006

Ohio CPA Dana Stahl sent me the following in response to the recent news about our rulers’ unwillingness to tackle AMT reform.

Mr Guru – more detail on the AMT.  Notice how, several paragraphs down, the commentary is on how much a total repeal of the AMT will “cost” so many billions of tax revenues.  The focus on “cost” is, of course, part of the propaganda, right?

My Reply:


As you know, it has always been a pet peeve of mine when money is accepted as a justification for doing bad things to people.  Being fair to people has always been a very distant second place to our rulers, behind the money. 

To me, it’s no different than stories where a reporter expresses outrage over someone being murdered for a small amount of money.  I used to actually write to reporters and editors asking why it’s so bad to kill someone over $5, yet it would be understandable for a much larger amount.  I tried to explain that killing someone over a million dollars is just as wrong as killing someone over 25 cents.  Needless to say, they never responded to me. 

While many people may consider this an inappropriate analogy to tax policy, I don’t see it that way.  Immoral and unfair socialist confiscation of wealth from people is just plain wrong, regardless of how much money it generates for the imperial government rulers.  Unfortunately, those of us who think this way are too small a minority in this country to influence such policy decisions in the face of the “soak the evil rich” mob mentality that is so pervasive.



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