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Posted by taxguru on January 18, 2006

While I have never in the least felt my business to be threatened by do it yourself tax software, that hasn’t been the case for many other tax professionals, such as in this email from Ohio CPA Dana Stahl.

Mr Guru – saw your blog this am.  You really do know tax pros who “are desperately looking for clients?”  I know I’ve had a hell of a time trying to build the accounting end of my practice, what with some of the marketing programs I’ve tried.  The tax end has grown, however.  But I do worry about the future, particularly with the tax software available for people to do their own plus the IRS making tax prep available online.  I know we’ve discussed that before, but I do need to pay attention to the trends affecting our profession.  That’s why your comment about desperation jumped out at me.
Talk to you soon,
I wrote back:


As you well know, there is a growing mini-industry that focuses on helping accountants get new clients; so there is obviously a big market for that. I also frequently see messages on the discussion boards asking for help on how to generate new clientele. 

As I’ve always said, tax preparers who are nothing more than form fillers do need to worry about competition from do it yourself software.  Those of us who use our knowledge and experience to massage the info have nothing to fear from those programs.



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