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The Insane AMT

Posted by taxguru on March 30, 2007


Subject: Suggestion

Hi there,
I have a site suggestion for your tax blog.  I’m currently promoting my “AMT” article. If you’d like to exchange links I’ll be happy to add your link to my resource page.   I’m sure this will prove beneficial for both of us considering traffic, etc.
Thank you much,
Robert Valentine



Thanks for sharing your article on the AMT.  If you’ve read my blog, you should know that this insane tax is one of my top pet peeves and I appreciate any effort such as yours to further educate people on its stupidity.  The fact that its thresholds aren’t adjusted annually for inflation like most other tax items, is just one indication of how far removed it is from reality and how incompetent our rulers in DC are at addressing this problem. 

I will be posting this on my blog, which should generate more visits to your site.

Thanks again for writing.

Kerry Kerstetter



Thanks, Kerry. I couldn’t agree more…If you’d like to write back with your linking info i.e. desired title, description and linking URL. I’ll be more than happy to link to your great resource. Hopefully I can give you some traffic as well.
Thanks again,


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