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Sec. 179 & Rental Property

Posted by taxguru on February 27, 2008


Subject: section 179

I don’t know if you will read or answer this email but here goes with my question.  According to my CPA some
items that I purchsed in ’07 will qualify for a section 179 deduction on my taxes.  When I read your blog I got really confused.  Let me explain my situation.

1031 exchanged residential real estate property that is fully depreciated.  Original purchase 1981.
In 2007 I remodeled and purchased ref, stove, dw, new tile & carpet flooring & new kit. countertops.  Cost
aprox $10,000.  Will these purchases qualify for 179?

I am retired and own two residential rental properties one rented 12 mos., the other only seasonal.



The ability to deduct the costs of the new items depends on which schedule you are using to report the income and expenses for the properties.

For residential rental property reported on Schedule E, assets used there are specifically not eligible for Section 179 expensing.

For properties that are rented out for an average of less than seven days at a time, and which are thus reported on Schedule C, movable equipment purchased for those properties are probably eligible for Section 179 expensing, subject to the other limitations on Section 179.  Items that become a permanent part of the structure, such as tiling, flooring and kitchen counters, are not eligible.

Your professional tax advisor should understand the difference between these two types of rental properties and understand which types of equipment qualify for Section 179 and which don’t.

Good luck  I hope this helps.

Kerry Kerstetter



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