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Home conversion not a taxable event…

Posted by taxguru on November 26, 2008


Subject:  1031 Exchange

Back in 2005 we sold a vacant property and had a gain of $130K and bought a $180K house using a 1031 exchange..  We have had it for a rental for 4 years. 

Due to our financial situation, we have to sell our primary residence at a loss of $40K and move into our 1031 rental house and make it our residence house.
Do we have to pay taxes on the original deferred gain on our rental house?    .


Converting a business asset to personal use is not a taxable event, so no tax will be due for the year of the conversion.

However, down the road when you sell this property, you will need to possibly pay tax on some of the gain.  The law was recently changed to require a five year look-back period.  If you occupy the home as your primary residence for a full five years before selling it, you will be allowed to exclude up to $500,000 of profit on its sale.  If you sell the home after less than five years of personal occupancy, the tax free gain will be prorated according to the amount of time it was used as a primary residence.

Your own personal professional tax advisor should be able to explain this to you in more specifics for your unique circumstances.

Good luck.

Kerry Kerstetter



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