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Misc Items In My Backlog

Posted by taxguru on May 3, 2010

Want to get rich? Work for feds – “Public Servant” seems to be a dying concept.

From the most recent issue of Glenn Beck’s Fusion magazine, here is a summary of recent and upcoming tax hikes courtesy of the 0bambi Regime.

Beware Of The Muni Bond Bubble: States And Cities Can Fail As Well – Everyone needs to rethink one of the benchmarks of “safe” investing. Federal T-Bills could very well be next to lose their luster of infallibility as the drive by the DemonRat Regime to bankrupt the country pushes on. looks at the upcoming new 3.8% MediCare tax on investment income. There are going to be lots of techniques for us to use with our clients to avoid this new insanity.

IRS lacks clout to enforce mandatory health insurance – There’s still plenty of time to make sure that IRS has the necessary clout for this.

5 more arrested as 15 plead guilty in $13 million tax scheme – The more ridiculous credits and crazy deductions in the tax code, the more scamsters will do their best to exploit them and game the system.

Millions face tax increases under Dems budget plan – The Insane AMT is still lurking around the corner. As always, our rulers’ insatiable lust for money to spend trumps anything resembling common sense or fairness.

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