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Ridiculous definition of “Patriot”

Posted by taxguru on December 13, 2011

Patriot leaves the U.S. Treasury his $2m estate to help pay down the national debt (only $14,999,998m to go…) 

While this guy may have been a complete idiot to think that his estate would do anything to reduce the deficit, the key point here is that it was his choice to make this gift to the Federal government. That is quite different from those who want to make it mandatory that the government grave robbers plunder the hard earned wealth from families, aka Marxists. 

It is also an idiotic definition of the term “Patriot” because those of us who believe in the power of capitalism and private property would think it more patriotic to keep as much wealth as possible in the private sector, where it can be put to much better economic use than it would be by giving it to the corrupt morons in DC to flush down their toilets. 


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