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Smart Tax Planning Upsets the Left

Posted by taxguru on April 29, 2012

How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes – Of course, the NY Slimes thinks this is a bad thing when anyone uses proactive techniques to avoid being fiscally raped by the tax collectors.  I’ve been helping clients shift income out of high tax states such as the PRC and into tax free states, such as Nevada, Washington and Texas, for decades; so this is nothing new.  Actually, it’s a tool in the tax planning arsenal that not enough businesses consider.  Rather than be bitter about what Apple is doing to reduce its tax burden, more business owners should be following its example.

Rush nails this liberal hypocrisy.

From Blog Pix

Time Magazine chimes in: Apple’s Tax Avoidance: Evil Scheming, Good Business, or Both?


PJTV dissects this NY Slimes attack on Apple:



TaxCoach Software: Are you giving your clients what they really want?

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