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Posted by taxguru on October 3, 2012

Who is the 47% Not Paying Taxes? – With payroll taxes being lumped into (commingled with) the general revenues and not being guaranteed to be paid back, I do have a problem with saying that anyone paying payroll taxes can be defined as not paying taxes.


Top Five Worst Obamacare Taxes Coming in 2013 –  The next few years are going to be very messy for tax planning and compliance purposes.


The Marxist redistributionists aren’t just here in the USA:

As the UN opens its General Assembly session, it is already thinking up new global taxes

France hits rich and business to slash deficit –  Their proposed 75% tax rate for the evil rich must be making the DemonRats in this country drool with envy.

Thousands in Germany Protest for Wealth Tax

Portugal announces ‘enormous’ tax rises

Cameron Says Further Action to Be Taken on Taxing the Rich –  In the UK


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