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Speeches On Reforming the Tax Code

Posted by taxguru on October 12, 2012

Rush posted some excellent Presidential speeches on the need for lower tax rates to encourage economic activity.  Their messages are eerily similar.

John F. Kennedy in 1962, illustrating how much his party has changed over the past decades.  It sounds exactly like what Mitt Romney says in his current speeches and would definitely have JFK banished from the modern DemonRat Party. 


Ronald Reagan in 1985, beginning his push for what became the Tax Reform Act of 1986, which made more changes in the tax rules than any single piece of legislation I can recall.


Rush also had this warning message from a former resident of a socialist country on the dire consequences to a country from continuously persecuting the evil rich.  He is obviously experiencing a severe case of deja vu with the current regime in Washington.



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