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Estate Planning Mistakes

Posted by taxguru on June 10, 2018

It’s not just income tax laws that are constantly changing and requiring strategic modifications.  Estate planning is also a moving target that requires constant course corrections, especially with the recent big tax law changes.  

Just as I have always considered it extremely dangerous for people to attempt to prepare their own tax returns, it is at least ten times riskier to try to handle estate planning without the assistance of an experienced estate attorney.  The books and software that are available at places such as Nolo Press are great for learning about the estate planning process and preparing for your meeting with the attorney who will be doing the actual paperwork, but trying to do everything on your own is insane.

I came across this excellent Kiplinger article by New Jersey CFP Eric Reich, on the Jewish World Review website

10 Surprising (or Surprisingly Common) Estate Planning Mistakes

I have seen examples of many of the scenarios mentioned in this very informative article.  I could even add some to this list, which I will do when I have more time.

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