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Archive for January 10th, 2001

Posted by taxguru on January 10, 2001

No Shoe-Box Clients

With the new tax season starting up, we have already had to turn away several potential clients, who by their own admission, are not well organized. We’re sorry to have to be so discriminatory; but we are having a hard enough time keeping up with the work we have with existing clients. We are refusing to take on any new tax clients who don’t have their books on Quicken or QuickBooks. If you don’t want to do the bookkeeping yourself, you can hire someone to do the work for you, at a much lower fee than my $195 per hour.


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Posted by taxguru on January 10, 2001

Don’t Forget the Pets

For obvious reasons, a larger & larger part of my practice has been devoted to estate planning. With the increasing exemption in the amount of estates exempt from the IRS’s clutches, the more important task is to protect them from huge probate fees and from those greedy vultures who will try to extort money from your survivors.

I liked this story in today’s Salon about a woman in Mobile, AL who left eveything in her half-million dollar estate in trust to her pets. As an animal lover with no human children, I like that concept. However, that may explain why some of our cats have been trying like crazy to trip us. With us out of the way, all of this is theirs.


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