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Archive for February 16th, 2001

Posted by taxguru on February 16, 2001

Propaganda Alert

The fans of big government and high taxes are in panic mode that a tax cut may actually get through Congress and have stepped up their propaganda efforts. All news sources are filled with two big efforts to convince you that taxes are too low.

IRS Audits
There are stories spreading that IRS has been auditing too few tax returns. The goal of these is to give more money to IRS to terrorize and harrass people. As I have explained on several occasions, the underlying themes that everyone is a tax cheat and that the IRS has ceased its aggressive tactics are both complete lies.

Karl Marx Lives
There is a lot of coverage to the statements by some super rich people who claim that the estate tax should not be eliminated. Their love for Karl Marx is supposedly because they care for the little people who would be harmed by the government having a little less money. The truth is very different. It is the same reason that other super rich hypocrites like Ted Kennedy can support high taxes. These people have sheltered their assets in trusts that will escape the same taxes that they support for the little people. These enemies of capitalism make me sick.


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