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Posted by taxguru on April 7, 2002

More IRS Propaganda

It is well known that the New York Times is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the JackAss Party and a very strong advocate of bigger government, which requires more money. This means that the IRS needs more power to squeeze more dollars out of the public. In their classic tactic of exploiting envy and class warfare, the Times has this article claiming that IRS only audits the working poor and doesn’t ever check up on the evil rich in our society. As someone who has been intimately involved with these very issues for over 26 years, I can state that this is an outright lie. The examples that the Times gives of things that IRS is incapable of checking, such as partnership K-1s and rental activity, are absolutely false. IRS checks those things all the time.

This is nothing more than an attempt to rally the “little guys” to push our rulers in DC to expand the IRS to go after those evil tax evaders. It’s nothing but donkey crap.

Another mention of the antidote for the NY Times seems appropriate here. devotes its efforts to debunking the lies promulgated by what many people refer to as the New York Slimes. Needless to say, they never run out of material.


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