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Posted by taxguru on April 7, 2002

Losing An Hour

Besides being a nuisance to have to switch our clocks back & forth every six months, I especially resent having to lose one hour during the time of year in which time is the most precious commodity; in the last few days before April 15.

I have long been a fan of the idea of just leaving the clocks alone. Ideally, I would prefer leaving everything in Daylight Saving Time mode year-round would be best, as we did a few decades ago during one of our energy crises. However, if we wouldn’t have to ever change our clocks again, I would be almost as happy with leaving everything at Standard Time.

I’m glad to see more people taking up this cause. Here is a group that explains how the old rationale for the entire concept of clock-switching is now irrelevant and is trying to petition our rulers in DC to stick with one time system year round. They also have an interesting idea to merge the USA’s four time zones into two. Instead of changing by one hour in each zone, there would be a two hour change when crossing what is now the dividing line between Central and Mountain time.


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