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Posted by taxguru on May 11, 2002

Our Rulers Want Us To Die Before Collecting

One of my many problems with the entire Social Security system in this country is that it is like a casino game, with the odds stacked against the average person from the beginning. The Feds take our money from us while we are working and then structure it so that most of us will die before we are eligible to receive any benefits.

When SS was established, the average life expectancy in the US was 56, yet no benefits were available until you reached 62. As we all know, the average life expectancy has increased dramatically, requiring much more money to be paid out than was ever expected, putting a big strain on the long term finances of the system. That is why one of the most frequent proposed solutions for salvaging this Ponzi scheme is to raise the retirement age so that more people will die before they are able to cash in.

While the overall average life expectancy has increased, it isn’t so with every ethnic group. For example, as this article describes, black males currently have a life expectancy of 70.2 years, compared to 75.9 for whites. The tone of this article is that white people are stealing from blacks by the built-in age bias.

With such a built in discrepancy in place, how do you think things will be equalized, which is the goal of so many people in this country? Don’t be surprised to see different retirement ages based on race. Rather than really fix the program, such as making it voluntary, this is the kind of Band-Aid approach our masters in DC prefer.


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