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Posted by taxguru on May 17, 2002

Taxes Are Only The Symptom

I am constantly harassed for daring to discuss politics along with taxes. I have to remind people that our tax policies don’t happen in a vacuum. They are merely the symptom of the real problem; which is an ever expanding government run by people who have no respect for the limits on what the government should be doing, as laid out by our founding fathers in the Constitution.

With the supposed small government GOP controlling the White House and Congress, it would be natural to think that the size of the government will be controlled. No such luck. As Stephen Moore explains, our rulers in DC, of both parties, are on a record spending spree and acting like drunken sailors, who have earned the reputation as the textbook examples of wasteful stewards of money.

For those of us here in the real world, this means that more money will be required to be sent to our masters in DC to fund all of these programs and the chances of seeing the tax cut made permanent are fading away quickly.


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