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Posted by taxguru on September 7, 2002

Real Beverly Hillbillies

CBS has already received a lot of publicity over its plan to transplant a real hillbilly family from the sticks to posh digs in Beverly Hills. I must admit to being a little interested in this since we live in the Ozark Mountains among real life hillbillies, the fictional Clampett family was from near here, and the real life DogPatch is just a few miles away.

The response to the new show has already run the gamut, from Rod Dreher, who thinks it is racial exploitation of poor white folks, to Dave Shiflett, who reminds us that we have already had a real life version of a low-life white trash family transplanted from Arkansas to the lap of luxury. It’s just like this coffee cup Sherry bought me back in 1993, with a picture of Bill & Hitlary as the Capitol Hillbillies.


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