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Posted by taxguru on September 8, 2002

Using Tax Dollars To Fight Tax Cuts

As was expected, the taxpayer supported bureaucrats have gone on the warpath to try to derail the efforts to remove sales tax from human food and medicines here in Arkansas. As they did with previous efforts to remove property taxes, they are hiring expensive law firms to try to get the initiative tossed off the ballot and prevent the voters from having any say in tax matters.

It has always been a cruel irony that government workers see no problem with using tax dollars to wage an outright battle against taxpayers themselves. It is definitely a David vs Goliath battle, with Goliath having full access to the money and resources of the government.

As they did in their previous fights against tax reductions, the next step will be to brainwash the kiddies in their classrooms. They will be taught that tax cuts and anyone who supports them are evil and that, if taxes are ever reduced, the kids will be sold into slavery and fed nothing but gruel. It may sound ridiculous, but that is what happened when property taxes were under attack.


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