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Posted by taxguru on September 9, 2002

Truth Hurts

It’s always amazed me how brazenly liberals lie and change their stories, especially in this day and age where practically everything is recorded. Of course, they have the aid of their accomplices in the mainstream media, who assist in the lies by refusing to point out the inconsistencies. However, with the broadening of access to different kinds of media via the web, those cover-ups are no longer as airtight as they used to be.

Over the past few days, Bill Clinton & his allegedly anti-war Fellow Travelers have had their own anti Saddam Hussein quotes thrown back in their faces.

Many members of the Clinton organized crime gang are currently running for their own seats of power. Clinton’s little munchkin, Marxist Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, is seeking the office of Governor of Massachusetts. In an example of convoluted logic, he is actually categorizing the use of his own quotes by his opponents as dirty tricks. There is even a website devoted to the flip-flops Mr. Reich has done in the past few years, In standard liberal fashion of suppressing opposing opinions, Reich is trying to have it taken down. The ironic thing is that the opposing opinions he is trying to stifle are or were his own.


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