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Posted by taxguru on September 10, 2002

There Is A Choice

The upcoming PRC election for governor is shaping up to be a real nose holder. Bill Simon’s campaign is literally imploding by the day. NOTA isn’t available. Rather than vote for the lesser evil or sit out the election, there couldn’t be a better time to send a real message to the duopoly political parties and support a real alternative, such as the Libertarian Party.

Unlike most states, where the LP has almost no visibility on the ballot, the Libertarian Party of California has been growing and is fielding a candidate in almost every race, including Gary Copeland for Governor. Part of his campaign platform that is near & dear to my heart, and hopefully to my readers, is his call for an end to the state income tax. He wants the only taxes that the state may collect to be use taxes and fees for services.

To have that many Libertarian candidates on the ballot is still only a dream for us here in Arkansas. I hope plenty of people appreciate having an alternative choice out there on the Left Coast.


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