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Posted by taxguru on September 21, 2002

Equal Opportunity

I’ve been getting a kick lately out of Bill O’Reilly‘s rabid reaming of attorneys who defend slimeballs who they know to be guilty of heinous crimes, such as the recently convicted murdering pedophile in San Diego, David Westerfield. Bill’s screaming fits are very entertaining and reveal a very real and passionate concern.

He has an excellent point and one that I have long agreed with regarding the morality of attorneys who see no problem assisting the scum of the earth escape justice for their vile actions. That is the very reason I stopped watching the David Kelly show, The Practice, a few years ago. The underlying theme of that show is that even the most disgusting dregs of humanity deserve the best legal defense possible. I just couldn’t stomach rooting for the heroes of the show to use various legal tricks to help their evil clients go free.

I have mentioned frequently that FoxNews is the only television network that has any credibility in terms of objective reporting of the news. As a relatively new network, they still have a problem attracting the top tier of advertisers and fill most of their ad slots with the same kinds of relatively sleazy vendors that are usually relegated to very late night on broadcast TV. So far, it seems that the ambulance chasing law firms that are recruiting clients for various negligence and class action cases haven’t been very offended by Bill O’Reilly’s crusade against unethical attorneys because they continue to buy time on FoxNews.


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