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Posted by taxguru on September 26, 2002

Poor IRS

Joseph Farah echoes the points I made last week about the idiocy of newspaper editorials feeling sorry for the IRS as being victims of an unwarranted witch hunt. Since my last piece on this issue, I have been asked about the comments in some of the editorials that the claims of IRS abuse have been discredited as false. This is just not true. The horror stories that came out during the congressional hearings were true, but were only the tip of the iceberg of IRS abuses.

As I have mentioned several times before, the IRS is still filled with Clinton followers and they are still harassing people and organizations that criticize the Clintons and their Fellow Travelers. Congress has refused to do a serious investigation of this for a number of reasons. First, just as with the huge amounts of evidence against Bill Clinton during his impeachment, most Congress-critters just plain refuse to even look at the evidence. It is also true that many of our rulers are themselves afraid of IRS retribution, as well as the classified information about them that was in the FBI files that the Clintons copied for their own blackmail use. Mr. Farah knows this all too well, because he and his organization have been the victims of the Clintons use of the IRS to punish him for daring to criticize.

As with anything such as this, it has to make you wonder about the overall reliability and truthfulness of any newspaper or media organization that would tell outright lies in support of more power for the IRS.


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