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Posted by taxguru on August 22, 2003

Multicolored greenbacks coming in October – It’s hard to stay ahead of the counterfeiters. Doesn’t it seem like our currency is being changed more often than normal?

License bill faces challenge from IRS. It’s risky to use taxpayer ID numbers for noncitizen drivers, agency says. – Just the fact that there is a debate over what ID numbers illegal aliens should be using on their driver’s licenses shows how far into the abyss the PRC has slipped. To continue to force taxpayers to fund benefits for people who have broken our laws is just the same old insanity we all expect from the ruling class out there. The chances of any change in this open season on the wealth of the productive members of our society in order to buy votes for the DemonRats in power are slim to none.

Over the Cliff. Social Security is about to plunge, but retirement benefits don’t have to. – What a surprise. FDR’s Ponzi scheme house of cards is showing signs of weakness.

Analysts Are Skeptical of Ueberroth’s Tax Amnesty. Critics doubt the plan would produce the $6 billion that the candidate predicts, and they see difficult political hurdles. – Predicting how much money can be raised through a tax amnesty program is nothing more than a guessing game. Nothing more than a WAG (wild ass guess).

The Triumph of Leviathan – Fans of big expensive government outnumber those of us who believe in abiding by the constitutional limits that were supposed to prevent the existence of an all powerful and controlling central government.

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