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Fighting Taxes

Posted by taxguru on August 22, 2003

Readers may have noticed that, unlike most tax professionals, who just accept taxation as a given out of the control of mere mortals, I have always considered taxes to be the symptoms of out of control spending by power hungry government rulers. Rather than just advise everyone to simply accept the fact that they must bend over, grab their ankles, and allow our rulers to have their way with us (as most tax professionals do), I champion efforts to legally fight back against excessive taxation of all kinds.

It is encouraging to see that not everyone is a sheep allowing themselves to be led peacefully to slaughter. Spreading the word about legal resistance to undue taxation should hopefully encourage others that the cause is not futile. Working within the system to effect such changes is what I support. I do not condone the illegal actions of tax protestor scam artists, such as Irwin Schiff.

Opponents pledge fight to cancel Oregon tax package

New Zealand Farmers hit the street in fight against fart tax – I would have loved to hear Arnold, in his recitation of all the taxes we have to pay each day, include paying a tax each time our animals fart.

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