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Getting Started On QuickBooks

Posted by taxguru on June 4, 2004

We are still on our crusade to get all of our clients using QuickBooks. I received the following inquiry from a client today.

Is QuickBooks 2000 acceptable? My husband has a copy of it.

My answer:

In regard to QuickBooks, you would be best off buying a copy of QB 2004 Basic. All of the programs before the 2002 version have been abandoned by Intuit; so you won’t be able to get any support from them. There are also several features in the newer versions that make the program easier to use.

You can get the absolute best prices on eBay. Next best are from Sam’s Club. You can also get a good price by clicking the banner ad on my website.

The cheapest single user Basic version is all you need. No need to waste the money on the fancier versions.

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Draft of 1040S Form

Posted by taxguru on June 4, 2004

Thanks to Mike Bahnmiller, CPA for forwarding this copy of the proposed new simple form for senior citizens. Interesting that it’s two pages and will still need attached backup schedules (A, B & D) where applicable.

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Who needs a retirement plan?

Posted by taxguru on June 4, 2004

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Posted by taxguru on June 4, 2004

Virginia Passes $1.6 Billion Tax Hike: Voters May Not Forget – Let’s hope they don’t forget. Unfortunately, very few people connect their tax burden to the votes they make. This is why putting the tax filing deadline closer to Election Day would be so useful. Holding politicians accountable for what they are costing voters is the only way to exercise any control over them. They are supposed to be “public servants,” which is supposed to mean that they serve us. Unfortunately, it has become the other way around. We work to earn money to send to our rulers.

Growing an economy – Good contrast between capitalism and the DemonRat Left. Capitalists want to stimulate garden like growth. DemonRats want to stomp on the ground to prevent anything from sprouting.

IRS is asked to investigate Springs diocese – The complaint isn’t actually that a church is advising on the best ways to vote. It’s because they advised to vote for the GOP. As we all know, political campaigns from the pulpit must only be in support of the DemonRats or they are in violation of the law.

Where Does Your State Rank Among Those Raising Taxes?

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste’s (CCAGW) 2003 Congressional Ratings

Fiscal Shenanigans – Big news here. The New York Times hates the very concept of tax cuts and anyone who supports them.

Separating Tax Facts From Tax Fiction – Nice look at the truth about the tax burden and the idiocy of the “tax cuts for the rich” mantra of the Left.

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Tax Hikes Still Under Way In PRC

Posted by taxguru on June 4, 2004

They are as desperate as ever for new sources of revenue in the PRC, as indicated by these latest proposals, courtesy of Spidell

Independent contractor withholding proposal – This is an extension of a popular tactic by government rulers, snatch some money right up front. In this case, they are proposing two percent of the gross of payments for services. It will in effect deputize millions more people as tax collectors for the State government.

Proposed tax on wealthy to pay for mental health – More of the typical soak the rich mentality from the rulers in Sacramento. How hard will it be to get people to vote to stick it to those evil fat cats making over a million bucks a year? After this passes, the floodgates will open for many more such levies on the wealthy. It may only be one percent; but when you have a few dozen of those one percent taxes, we’re talking about some big bucks.

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