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Posted by taxguru on July 22, 2004

Republicans Delay Action on Extending Tax Cuts



Greenspan says Bush’s tax cuts buoyed economy   – Exactly why the DemonRats fought so hard to oppose them.  Their marching orders are to fight anything that makes Bush look good, regardless of how beneficial they are for the country. 


Loose change  – The Feds have latched onto “Finders keepers, losers weepers” as a new revenue source.  Over a quarter million dollars in found change at airports since last October. 


 Class warfare and political profiteers  – Standard political weapons for the DemonRats, along with a big helping of hypocrisy. 


Congress, White House Deadlock on Tax Cut


 Bush Quashes GOP Deal on Tax Cuts’ Life   – Remember what big tax increases are just around the corner if our rulers don’t stop their bickering and extend (or better still, make permanent) so many tax breaks that are scheduled to expire soon



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