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Posted by taxguru on July 29, 2004

IRS Says Americans’ Income Shrank for 2 Consecutive Years – Using amounts reported on tax returns actually understates the drop in income caused by the stock market collapse a few years ago.  I’ve seen tax returns where the taxpayers lost well over a million dollars; but were only allowed to deduct $3,000 per year.




Cigarette Taxes Are Dangerous For Your Health  


John Kerry’s Tax Plan: Too Much Tinkering – While it’s not worth wasting any time seriously worrying about John Kerry’s tax plans becoming reality any time soon since he will lose in November in a landslide, there are some other good alternative tax reform ideas at the end of this article. 


The Tax Code’s Impact on the Reliability of Revenue Projections 


Socialism is evil  – Good “tell it like it is” from Walter Williams.  It’s always bugged me how pervasive the belief is in this country among the elites (and the DemonRats) that capitalism is the world’s evil and socialism is the salvation from all problems. 



Wave of Regulations Will Follow Tsunami of Federal Spending     


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