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Posted by taxguru on October 1, 2005

Support Slipping for Extension of Capital Gains and Dividend Cuts – The spineless GOP strikes again.


Forfeiting College Education Tax Credits? What Are You Thinking?! From NATP


To Reduce Taxes, Plan First! – From Gail Buckner


Some States Push To Collect Sales Tax From Internet Stores


Poll Finds Homeowners Expect Home Values to Continue to Grow – The media’s fascination with opinion polls has long ago gone into the realm of insanity.  They treat opinion polls as so all-powerful that they can actually affect world change. If 95% of respondents believe that it will snow in Honolulu tomorrow, does that somehow make it more likely to happen?  Most things are beyond the control of us mere mortals, and what people expect to happen is 100% irrelevant.   


No Excuses for Not Using A Flexible-Spending Account


The Feds bust some more promoters of tax avoidance scams, and their retarded customers will be paying the price big-time. People who are stupid enough to fall for these idiotic schemes have no option other than to beg for mercy based on their limited mental capacity.

Arizona couple selling “Corporation Sole” schemes

Reno accountants using off-shore schemes


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