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Posted by taxguru on December 5, 2005

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Posted by taxguru on December 5, 2005

Seniors Beware: Variable Annuities May Not Make Sense For You! – Good advice.  (Courtesy of Milt Baker, CPA)


Investment guru Wade Cook charged in tax evasion case  (Courtesy of Russ Fox)


Shocker: Gas-guzzling SUVs are today’s best buys  (Courtesy of AutoBlog)


Tax credits for hybrid owners still being ironed out for 2006   (Courtesy of AutoBlog)


U.S. Comptroller Warns About Exotic Mortgages – Make sure you know all of the future details of any new loan scheme you sign up for.  Having it reviewed and explained to you by your own accountant would be much better than accepting the word of the loan agents, who often don’t completely understand all of the ramifications, or are so desperate for a commission that they will ram unsuitable programs down your throat.


The FairTax and its Implications for the U.S. Economy


Gutless GOP rulers wimp out again:

When Even Supply-Siders Say Taxes Must Rise, an Unpopular Policy Looks Inevitable

This Alternative Tax? Hey, Wait! Ouch! – The insane AMT is poised to attack more and more people if our rulers don’t get off their butts and address this issue ASAP.

Tax Cuts Could Wait Until 2006, Frist Says – As if they will have more guts in an election year.  Not likely.

Why are Republican leaders governing like Democrats? – Good question from former GOP leader Dick Armey

Republicanism in decline – from Tony Snow


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