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Posted by taxguru on February 6, 2006

Wealth tax initiative signature deadline looming – People who wonder why I refer to my former home state as the People’s Republic of California need no better example than this attempt to confiscate $200 billion of wealth from the evil rich.  This is exactly what communists do, as former property owners in Cuba are well aware of.


New Steps Taken By IRS to Improve Questionable Refund Program

The IRS established the Questionable Refund Program to deal with the serious problem of refund fraud, which has increased significantly in recent years. The IRS estimates that fraudulent refund claims now exceed a half-billion dollars a year.


Avoid An Audit: Don’t File Electronically – I’ve always refused to use e-filing because of the inability to add additional explanatory information to assist in avoiding IRS problems.  This writer’s less realistic theory is that not all paper tax returns have their data entered into the IRS computer and are thus out of the loop for selection for audits.  The comments section of this blog post also has some misguided debate on the wisdom of e-filing based on whether it costs more or less than the postage to mail in paper returns.   


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