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Home Sale

Posted by taxguru on February 21, 2006


Subject: capital gains tax
I am from Virginia and I have a property(condo) that I want to sell and have lived in for less than two years.  I only want to sell inorder to acquire a larger property for my family.  I have only gained 21,000 of value in my home and want to use that $ for closing costs and expenses.  I do not want to pay capital gains tax and am not sure what the regulations are.  Can you help me out or give me a place where I can get some information?  I have been getting confliction information from many different places.  I only have one primary residence.
Thank you


You should be working with a tax pro to ensure that you have properly accounted for the total cost basis of your home.  There is a good chance that you may have overlooked a lot of additional costs that will reduce your net gain.  Your net gain will also be reduced by your selling and closing costs.  Chances are that the actual potential taxable gain will be either nonexistent or so small as to not be worth a lot of worry.

I have a lot of info on home sales here on my main website.

If you do a Google search on my blog, you will also find dozens of posts discussing home sales.

Good luck.

Kerry Kerstetter

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