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Posted by taxguru on February 3, 2010

Drudge had some interesting tax related stories in today’s headlines:

Case backs need for sex-change surgery. US tax court rules costs deductible – A new more generous interpretation of the dispute between “required” medical costs and “elective,”

Budget-strapped states avoid the word ‘taxes.’ Rise disguised as penalty, fee. – This trick has long been used by slimy politicians to pretend they aren’t raising taxes, while using various other means to steal money from us peons.

Acquiring Shotguns – This bid by IRS to purchase 60 shotguns illustrates that I haven’t been exaggerating when I say that we are forced to pay taxes and for the Social Security Ponzi scheme at the point of a gun.  It’s also another example of how “voluntary” paying taxes is, for those idiot tax protestors still clinging to that stupid argument.


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