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Archive for October 24th, 2010

Posted by taxguru on October 24, 2010

From Blog Comix

From Blog Comix



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Posted by taxguru on October 24, 2010

New Online Registration System for Paid Tax Return Preparers Is Now Available –  The IRS’s online application system for all of us to obtain PTINs is now active.  Even those of us who already have PTINs need to renew them and pay the new fee of $64.25.

I decided to give it a spin to see how easy it was to use and if the promise was true that we could keep our existing PTINs.  In typical government fashion, it was less efficient than it needed to be. Rather than allow those us with PTINs to start from there, I had to enter my SSN and everything else from scratch, as if I hadn’t been preparing tax returns professionally for the past 35 years.  I had to type in the same address info twice. I entered my nine digit zipcode, which it accepted.  Then, a few screens later, it said the zip was in the wrong format and I had to go back to both address screens and change them to five digits.  It asked for my FEIN and CAF numbers, but not my existing PTIN.  My full CAF number wouldn’t fit in the allowed space, so I had to remove a zero from the middle.  I’ll see if that screws this up.  They don’t accept American Express, my favorite credit card; so I had to use a MasterCard.

The website estimates 20 minutes to fill it in, and that was about right.  I submitted everything and paid the fee on 9/28/10.  Now I’ll see how long it takes for my new or renewed PTIN to arrive.

Update – On 10/15/10, I received a postcard from IRS via  snail mail, saying that an online account had been created in my name.  Today (10/24/10), I logged in to my account and it showed my PTIN number as the same one I had been using for several years and an expiration date of 10/31/2011.  When I went in to check my details, I noticed that they had fixed the CAF section to allow the proper number of digits; so I added back the zero I had left out of the original application.

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