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Archive for November 1st, 2010

Posted by taxguru on November 1, 2010

From the WSJ:

From Blog Comix


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Trusting Feds For Retirement Is Insane

Posted by taxguru on November 1, 2010

Ever since Roth IRAs were created as a method for people to save for their retirement years, I have been what feels like a lone voice cautioning everyone to be careful.  There have been tons of other financial advisors recommending that people convert their regular taxable IRA accounts to Roths in order to reap the promised tax free benefits decades down the road.  I recently received some press releases on books advising just such a scenario as the best route to retirement wealth. 

The very real problem with doing such a conversion is the fact that the value of the converted account has to be included in the current year’s taxable income and actual tax money has to be paid now.

I have been warning that trusting our rulers in DC to honor the tax free status of Roth IRAs is absolutely insane.  They have a very real track record of changing the rules after the fact on all kinds of things.  Social Security is a perfect example of this kind of reneging by our imperial rulers in DC.  When it was set up, the promise was that benefits would be completely free from income tax.  As most people know, that is not how it is currently, where 85% of benefits are taxed if the recipients are in the Evil Rich category, which is defined as more than $25,000 of gross income for an individual or $32,000 for a married couple. 

From the get-go, I have predicted that our rulers will find a way to instigate such a “means testing” law change for Roth IRAs, denying the tax free benefits for the evil rich.  I still believe that to be a very serious and likely possibility.

Another development in retirement planning that I haven’t discussed a lot in these blogs (but I have with my clients) are the growing and numerous schemes by our rulers in DC to literally confiscate private retirement plans and force them to be added to the bankrupt Social Security system, with its immoral limitations, such as the inability to leave to heirs.  I just finished listening to today’s Rush Limbaugh show, and he had an excellent discussion of this issue that should hopefully show up in this link.  I liked Rush’s discussion of this topic so much, that I created this PDF version of the transcript

My point of this piece is that, if you were to convert a conventional IRA to a Roth, pay the income taxes on that conversion, and then watch as the Feds confiscate your Roth money, you will be even more royally screwed than if you had just left your money in the conventional IRA and had it stolen by the crooks in DC.  Neither is a good outcome, but it would be adding insult to injury to pay taxes voluntarily and then have your retirement funds confiscated, or “nationalized” as some of this scheme’s Marxist proponents call it. 

Some recent articles on the Fed plans to steal private retirement funds:

Administration Advances Plan to Federalize Private Pension System

Republicans Sound Alarm on Administration Plan to Seize 401(k)s


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