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Posted by taxguru on July 9, 2012

In Maryland, Higher Taxes Chase Out Rich –  It’s always great to see stories like this, where people don’t just bend over and allow their rulers to continue fiscally raping them.  The retarded rulers have to understand that continually soaking the rich has consequences.  A little lesson on the story of the Golden Goose would be helpful for those rulers who believe that the evil rich are an unending source of money. 

Forecast: Taxmageddon Would Cause Another Recession – Actually, a continuation and worsening of the one we have been in since 2008. 


Obama to call for one-year extension of some Bush tax rates – But not for those he considers to be Evil Rich, who earn over $250,000 per year.


Obama Poised for New Fight With G.O.P. Over Tax Cuts – As well as fight with his fellow DemonRats, some of who want to define the ineligible Evil Rich as those earning over one million dollars each year.


ObamaTax At 13,000 Pages Of New Regulations—And Counting – 100,000 pages is very likely.



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Posted by taxguru on July 9, 2012

In response to the insane Roberts ruling on the ObamaCare tax, Glenn Beck is selling some special T-shirts, including these.


From Blog Pix

These might be appropriate attire for audiences at Mitt Romney appearances, considering how squishy he is about this whole issue.


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Posted by taxguru on July 9, 2012

From Blog Pix

Unfortunately, the above isn’t a parody, but the graphic for this item from FoxNews.


Democrats and the Tax Cliff

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Family slugged with ‘carbon tax fee’ for funeral –  From Australia; but soon to be the norm here in the USA if the enviro-wackos aren’t stopped.


LePage calls IRS the ‘new Gestapo’ –  The Governor of Maine says what we are all thinking.  More people need to speak up against the growing intrusion into our lives by Big Brother.



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