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New definitions for words…

Posted by taxguru on July 18, 2012

Words, Then and Now – accurate observations of the evolving language in this country from People’s Blog, including the following.

Then: Ejecting from a failing aircraft before it crashes
Now: Injecting money into a crony too-big-to-fail bank before it crashes

Then: Someone a pal would share a drink with
Now: Someone a pol will share taxpayer money with

Then: A means of funding the services provided by the government
Now: A means provided to the government to screw you if you don’t buy health insurance

Then: A person risking some of his own money in hopes of a positive return
Now: A politician risking a lot of the public’s money which he’s positive won’t be returned

Then: A lack of the basic necessities of life
Now: A lack of the newest iPhone


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