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Posted by taxguru on July 24, 2012

Romney donor bashed by Obama campaign now target of two federal audits – Anyone who thinks this is a coincidence is woefully naive.  The 0Bambi regime is just as willing to use the power of the Federal government to attack their enemies as Nixon and Clinton were.


Pair inherits $65M sculpture, but can’t sell it to pay $29M tax bill – The kind of idiotic Catch 22 that the grave robbing vultures in the IRS love.  However, if I were handling this case, I would make the case that the true market value of the sculpture is zero and thus not subject to estate tax.  If that argument didn’t fly, I would advise donating the sculpture to a museum and deducting it from the taxable estate.


IRS sizes up political groups’ tax-exempt status –  What are the odds that those groups supporting the 0baMao regime will be acceptable to IRS and those opposing it will get into trouble?  If there is a safer bet, I can’t think of it.


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